A Major NYC Law Firm Saves Time and Money by Changing Their Scheduling System

A major US Law Firm with hundreds of employees needed to bring its meeting scheduling up to date – and Rendezvous meeting room booking software from NFS provided the perfect solution.

The Challenge

A major New York City-based Law Firm with a long and prestigious history needed to change their scheduling system to enhance the client and attorney experience.

The Firm, which is home to hundreds of lawyers, had been using scheduling software that they found was no longer meeting their needs so they approached NFS Technology Group, providers of Rendezvous, for help.


Understanding that employees need the right tools to be effective, the firm wanted to enable its highly-skilled reception staff to more quickly confirm meetings, make changes and manage complex reservations.

In addition, at their largest office, in New York City, they needed a better and more dynamic approach to communicate service requirements with key providers like their catering company, recognizing the number of changes that typically take place in meeting arrangements. Being able to track costs and utilize client / matter validation was an additional consideration.

This innovative and forward-thinking Firm also realized they could save time and resources if they had a better way to schedule video conferences across their offices.

With more comprehensive and robust reporting capabilities the Firm can also maximize space scheduling, support informed decision-making and provides an excellent visitor experience.

The Rendezvous Solution

Rendezvous provided an all-round solution to help this busy Law Firm manage its meeting booking operation seamlessly.

User-friendly Rendezvous provides the perfect tools to manage meeting rooms, desks, car parking and other resources as part of a single integrated solution.

It enables Law Firms to manage catering, audio visual, video conferencing, reception and other services, supported by access to real-time information on all meeting changes.

And as a scheduling platform for multiple location Firms, Rendezvous deals effortlessly with different time zones, ideal for the growing number of meetings now undertaken using video conferencing.

Rendezvous also fully integrates with Outlook and Exchange, for easy calendar updating. Matter number validation and full meeting cost capture simplify client billing, another time saving feature.

High on the list of future considerations is the integration between Rendezvous with room panel and digital signage solutions. The fact that Rendezvous can be integrated with a range of digital signage solutions in this space, like Crestron and Harman AMX, will offer the best options for the Firm.


The Benefits

The Law Firm has now implemented the Rendezvous meeting room booking software, and is finding its scheduling process is much more efficient. The time taken to book and manage complex meetings has been reduced in some cases by over 50%, so staff can focus on better service delivery for attorneys and visitors.

The simplicity of the Rendezvous user interface also made it easy to train staff and roll out the self-service interface across the Firm. In addition, the Firm selected the Rendezvous 24/7 support option, which means NFS experts are available to assist with issues irrespective of the time of day, 7 days a week.

In summary, the key benefits of the Rendezvous solution are:

  • Speeding up the booking process
  • Great management information – hundreds of reports span operational to statistical and utilization reporting
  • Data-supported insight into actual meeting room use patterns
  • Management of audio visual, catering and other resources – all online from any location – improved scheduling efficiency and communication with service providers.

It all adds up to working more efficiently and a lot of staff time saved!

The firm commented “We LOVE that NFS has so many Law Firm clients, particularly many with large offices in NYC”.

Natalie Appleton, NFS VP of Sales & Operations in the US, said: “We very quickly established a great rapport between our team and the facilities staff within the Firm. This made the changes to workflow and process so much easier to implement, around the best practice ideas we recommended to the Firm. The success of this project was based on the flexibility of Rendezvous, as well as the Firm’s desire to embrace change and streamline their operation”.