Get Staff Back to Work Safely

Today, the priority for staff is to secure a safe place to work when visiting the office. Companies can make this a reality by providing staff with tools like mobile booking apps that allow staff to view and book space, that ensures social distancing is maintained as well as transparency on cleaning policies. In situations where meeting rooms are needed, touch free access, the right people density and safe provision for services like catering are key considerations. NFS have created solutions that respond to the current needs, using the powerful functionality of the Rendezvous platform.

Here is how Rendezvous supports a safe return
to work strategy


Our Rendezvous mobile desk and room booking solution supports easy location and space booking directly from a floorplan. Using a fast 3 step process, staff can secure space, with full visualization of location as well as the knowledge that any space booked will automatically block out space to meet company specified social distancing policies.

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In conjunction with a Partner specialising in AutoCAD floorplan layouts, NFS can now offer a Social Distancing design package. This service will take CAD diagrams and the policies of the client and create a floorplan that reduces desk density, to comply with the required social distancing parameters. The spaces that are no longer in use can be blocked using the booking system, to ensure that all space booked is safe for staff to use.

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Having secured a safe space to work, the ability to check in/out safely is another important requirement today. The Rendezvous mobile app, with built in QR code scanning, allows seamless access to space without the need to touch a panel or other device. This zero-touch approach can also be applied to meeting room access, using a personal mobile device or RFID staff card. For visitors, a QR code can be linked to the meeting invite, supporting zero touch building access, using the integration between Rendezvous and leading access control systems such as Lenel.

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The ability to send alerts to service providers like the cleaning team, based around space used, can be fully automated by the Rendezvous Notification Engine. This enables companies to set clear policies for cleaning as well as other services like catering, giving staff the confidence that risks have been minimized. The Rendezvous mobile app also enables the user to scan and identify who used the space previously as well as future space bookings. This enables teams to work effectively, sharing space with full confidence.

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Facilities managers need to have access to space utilization information around a range of different metrics; occupancy by space types (VC rooms), times of day and days of the week. Rendezvous reporting and Dashboards provide real time information, to enable compliance monitoring as well as the data to enforce critical set up changes, for example, reducing meeting room capacity or removing a batch of desks from use if there has been an incident.

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For companies operating an allocated desk policy, the Rendezvous Reverse Hoteling feature enables the selected release of desks into secure groups, so teams can share space in a simple but secure manner. Using security group policies, desk space can be made available to the appropriate user community, supporting better sharing policies and ultimately improved but safe desk utilization.

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